Status Date Activity
Sept 2017 Kickoff meeting for AFS Migration Advisory Committee
Nov 2017 Remove 10,000+ user home directories that didn’t have any user added content.
Jan 2017 AFS Migration Advisory Committee submits recommendations to ITS leadership.
Feb 2018 AFS service retirement strategy presented to ITEC
Feb 2018 Based on usage data, ITS will begin outreach to departmental representatives to share the discovery tool and to review the department’s AFS dependencies. Departments are welcome to proactively request assistance now.
May 29, 2018 Decommission anonymous FTP service.
July 2018 ITS completes migration of all internal dependencies on the AFS service.
Sep 2018 Information banner placed on all web pages served through the ITS web cluster from AFS alerting viewers of the content that the service is retiring.
Sep 11, 2018 AFS Free Day – access to AFS content blocked for 24-hours
Nov 13, 2018 AFS file systems unmounted from www cluster. File sharing access to AFS blocked.